Choosing the right wedding car

What better way to arrive at your wedding then to arrive in style? With the entrance of the bride and groom being highly anticipated by all, your wedding cars make a huge impression at the wedding celebration.

With such a wide variation of cars up for offer, narrowing them down to a select few can be a difficult decision.  Here at Cupid Cars whether you would like a modern, classic, supercar or even a novelty wedding car you can be sure we will provide you with all the necessary information to make a well-informed choice.


It is an important factor that your chosen wedding theme is collectively linked to your choice of wedding vehicle. Choosing between the different cars can be difficult, each has its own characteristics which make the individual cars unique. You may feel drawn towards the qualities of the modern cars as you feel they are well-suited to your personality. On the other hand, the classic cars are traditional and timeless, a work of outstanding artistry.


Another choice you are faced with when picking your wedding car would be the colour. The most common colours tend to be black or white. White is the colour of purity and perfection whereas, the colour black is very smart and sleek, associated with power and elegance.

Brides and grooms are often torn between the two choices, however, after looking closely at the wedding and your visions for the day,  we can help and advise which we believe is best suited for you.


Decorating your chosen wedding car is the next step, it is a fun tradition that will ensure you stand out and guarantee beautiful wedding pictures.

Whether your chosen features are balloons, ribbons or flowers Cupid Cars ensure the most stunning decorations are supplied.

Each choice you make,  our valued experience can help guide you every step of the way,  ensuring your travel is an unforgettable experience on your big day!

We have some beautiful vehicles to compliment your special day.  Check out our cars here

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