Preparing yourself for your wedding day

Although you may not believe it, the weeks leading up to your unique wedding day will fly by in a flash. Before your focus shifts from planning your wedding to getting married, it is essential you ensure you are completely organised, with your to-do list checked off. We have put together a short list of preparation ideas that we hope will help guide you to your special day.

What’s the secret to a stress-free wedding day? The answer is simple scheduling enough preparation time, leaving nothing until last minute. This can be done with the help of your best friends and close relatives, offering support that leads you to decision making with plenty of time spare!

To keep everything as simple as possible you will require a wedding planner, calendar or notebook with each task listed in the specific time frame, so it is clear and in chronological order. Some examples would be guests, invites, wedding cars, caterers and beauticians.

To ensure you remain organised commit to one task at a time. By focusing on these single tasks, you will find yourself with more balance, productivity and you will feel more relaxed. And have fun!

Naturally,  you want to look the best for your wedding day!  Most brides have many months to achieve their appearance goals. Whether it is hitting the gym or eating clean,  write everything down or use an app so you can follow your progress. When the big day arrives, you want to feel happy and at ease in your beautiful dress.

Planning your guests can be a fun but a difficult task. Remember the number of guests can have an impact on the venue choice and also on the cost. Once the decision has been reached, including all the relevant information on the wedding invitation that allows your guests to reach the venue at the correct time!  Put directions if necessary and keep your guests updated throughout on the menu choice, colour schemes and so on.

Transport can have an impact on your wedding, finding the right car to match your theme and getting you from A to B at the correct time is where we can help! We advise you to book your cars early so as to ensure you have the perfect vehicles for your special day.

Feel free to contact us here at Cupid Cars today for support on your big day! We look forward to helping you achieve your perfect day!

For more information email or call 07490 940 410.  We are open Monday to Friday 9.30am – 5.30pm and Saturday mornings from 9.30am to 1.00pm

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